Frontier Lager


As part of our second year Foundation Degree, we participated in the YCN student awards. There were multiple different briefs that we could choose, but we settled on doing a brief from Frontier Lager. The brief itself was to create a campaign that makes Frontier stand out in the cluttered and noisy world of lager brands. Using logos and colours that they already use, we created a social media campaign accompanied by a series of posters.

The idea of the campaign would be that people would take photos of themselves with their lager somewhere adventurous and post this on Instagram with the #findyourfrontier. The idea came from the word frontier. We took this as being in the context of being a new frontier to explore, so we looked in to famous explorers and branded these as Frontier drinkers, Meaning that the people that drink it would be on the same level as the famous explorers