During our third year at University, we had to undertake a project called design for social impact. We have to choose an issue and come up with a design solution that could potentially make this issue better. The issue Connor chose was stalking. He found during his research that 3/5 people do not report stalking, and when they do report it, they tend to wait until the 100th incident. This is because people don't tend to recognise the signs of stalking. Also, when they do report it, it can take months for police to investigate, during which time, the victim would have to collect evidence.


Connor created an app that will allow people to archive evidence according to severity. The app asks questions and uses the answers to rank them.


The logo is based on an eye, which signifies someone being watched. This in turn makes the viewer feel quite uncomfortable, which is exactly the feel that I am going for. The typeface was also created around the shape of the eye.

​Connor also created some posters to advertise the app. They feature quotes that someone would receive from their stalker. One poster features all of the quotes at once with my logo blended in behind it. This shows that the viewer is looking past the messages and seeing that something isn’t right, and See is the way forward. The other posters that feature single quotes that signify the anonymity that the stalker would show but also the isolation that the victim would feel.


He created two animations, one to show a website, and the other that would be used as a broadcast on electronic billboards. 

Trails are to be placed in major towns and cities. It would lead its user on a trail which would end in a chalk outline of a body. Along the trail would be quotes such as ‘are you sure no one is following you?’ Other quotes would still be just as unnerving. 

The trail would start where more members of the public would be e.g. train stations.  This would represent the lack of reporting



App screens



Guerilla marketing